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Activities of the Forum of Concerned Citizens of Europe

On Thursday 4 and Friday 5 March, 2010, the Forum of Concerned Citizens of Europe, in cooperation with the Centre for Contemporary Culture Barcelona (CCCB), organized its first international debate under the title Living with Diversity. For a Politics of Hope. For the agenda and program, see the Documents section, or the CCCB website.

During the debate, an Open Letter to Europe was discussed, whose final draft was approved in early April 2010, and prepared for circulation and adhesion: "Living with Diversity: For a Politics of Hope Without Fear".

Manifesto for another Europe that condenses our basic values and prospects has also been produced and is available here.
If you want to endorse either of those documents, or both, click here

The Forum is currently preparing a program of public debates and events in several European cities, in each case to be organised in cooperation with academic or cultural local institutions.