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Forum-Europa - Forum of Concerned Citizens

Welcome to the website of the Forum of Concerned Citizens!

The Forum of Concerned Citizens consists of scholars, artists and other citizens concerned about the prevailing racism and deteriorating attitudes against migrants, refugees and minorities in Europe. 

The main goal of the Forum  is to stimulate and organize debate on the future of an ethnically democratic, pluralist and multicultural Europe.

This website provides information about the Forum,  its goals, projects and other activities, as well as links to related groups and organizations.

On thursday 4 and friday 5 march, 2010, the FORUM-EUROPA in cooperation with the Centre for Contemporary Culture Barcelona (CCCB) organized its first international debate about Europe and immigration, under the title LIVING WITH DIVERSITY. For the agenda and program, see the CCCB website. During the debate, an Open Letter to Europe was discussed, whose final version -- in various formats -- will be published in the coming weeks.