4 professionnal independant associations
serving SMEs

of the 2nd Forum Europa meeting
on 24 and 25 November 2005 in Brussels

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Thursday, 24 November 2005

Dinner debate with the European Commissioner for the Internal Market and Services Charlie McCREEVY
Intervention de Charlie McCreevy - EN

Friday, 25 November 2005

VAT regulation and its evolution, Maryse VOLVERT , Taxations and Customs Union Directorate-General
Intervention de Maryse Volvert - FR

Community policies for small and medium-sized enterprise, by Christian WEINBERGER, head of the Entrepreneurship unit in the Enterprise and Industry Directorate
Intervention de Christian Weinberger - EN

List for organisations involved in mini-companies projects - EN

Useful links:

EIC Businesscooperation - EN

Pan-European Business Co-operaiton Schemes - EN

Calls for proposals - EN

The main funding sources and routes accessible to small and medium-sized enterprise, by Jean-Noël DURVY, Head of Unit "Financing SMEs, Entrepreneurs and Innovators", Enterprise and Industry Directorate-General
Intervention de Jean-Noël Durvy - EN

Current EU legislation and its evolution relating to legal audit and corporate governance, by Jean Philippe RABINE of the Internal Market Directorate-General
Intervention de Jean Philippe Rabine - EN

The proposal for a directive on the « Right of establishment and freedom to provide services in the European Union» by
Marc PAOLONI, Brussels correspondant for la Tribune
Intervention de Marc Paoloni
(sorry, but unfortunately not available)

Approaching the EU decision-maker, Maître Yves-Marie MORAY, Forum Europa President, and Boris ROUSSEFF, Forum Europa representative in Brussels
Intervention de Me Yves-Marie MORAY - FR



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