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            If you want to endorse either of those documents, or both, please let us know:

    • Agenda, program of the 4-5 March (2010) Debate at the CCCB.
    • The following papers --among others-- were presented at the CCCB-Debate:
    • Michel Agier, COULOIRS D’EXIL. Etre étranger aujourd’hui en Europe et dans le monde
    • Albena Azmanova, Social (in)justice and the new politics of fear.
    • Les Back, Racism's social weight
    • Iain Chambers, Race, modernity and the challenge of democracy
    • Geneviève Makaping, Xenophobia. The Remains of Race. From Genotypes to Biocultural Phenotypes
    • Nefize Özkal-Lorentzen, Theories about Carmen's Life (large 20 MB file: takes time to download)
    • Stefano Rodotà, Diverse but equal. Old and new challenges
    • Ruth Wodak, Rightwing, populist rhetoric - A European 'glocal' phenomenon?